Johnston // County Monaghan

Johnston Family

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Mandy Maund niece of Elizabeth Johnston pictured in her home in Ormskirk, lancashire U.K. Mandy’s mum, Joan, is the only sister of Elizabeth Johnston. The Maunds have a holiday home in Drum village and continue to visit to this day. Photo taken by her father, Richard Maund.

Album: Johnston // County Monaghan

Contributed by Angela Graham

The Johnston family live in Drum village. The village is situated in the rolling drumlin country (whence the village got its name) near the Monaghan-Cavan border in the south west of County Monaghan.

One of the earliest photographs in their family album is a photograph of Grandfather George Reilly taken during his time spent with the North Irish Horse during the First World War. George survived the war and returned home to Drum to marry and raise a family. Other photographs capture village life  and family celebrations.

Album: Johnston // County Monaghan
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